Thursday, February 21, 2013

In one week...

Above: the author and a fan at last
month's Students for Life of America
annual conference

If you're new around here, you may not know that the president of Secular Pro-Life, Kelsey Hazzard, has written a book! It's called Cultivating Weeds, and it's a short fictional piece with pro-life themes. We're selling copies as a fundraiser. So far, it's gotten great reviews:
Stand for Life: This is not your typical "defending the pro-life position" book but delves into both the abortion and pro-life world. The in-depth personalities of the characters, along with the fascinating theme, draw you in, and before you know it you've read the book in one sitting.
Live Action News: Cultivating Weeds is a story of redemption and hope. It’s an inspiring picture of what can happen when a person grabs hold of life-changing truths... [A] quick read with a powerful message... Cultivating Weeds' unique plot left me wishing this fictional tale could become a reality. Take the time and read it for yourself!

Jewels: Her rich characters are fully developed and change and grow in unexpected ways. Readers will be intrigued by this unique story and will leave asking themselves, "What if?..."

Melanie Z.: The story has a very unique idea, and the author is very good at drawing the reader in and making her care about the characters. One thing I really liked about the story is that, even though it was written by a committed pro-lifer, it does not demonize abortion providers. rather, it characterizes them as decent human beings who mean well and may be misguided rather than evil. There is no attitude of "all pro-choicers are evil baby killers" to be found here. The book is great for pro-life readers, but I also think that open minded pro-choice readers would also enjoy it, because it is a good and captivating story.

Josh Brahm (Life Report): Cultivating Weeds is gripping. It handles ethically complex issues without being preachy. Its deeply human characters are a refreshing change from the caricatures that so often plague the abortion debate. This book has the potential to start a new, productive conversation on one of the most emotionally charged issues of our generation.

Abby Johnson: Hazzard has successfully captured the unique psychology of abortion work. As a former abortion clinic worker myself, I couldn't help but be moved by this beautiful story about new beginnings and the true meaning of heroism. I wholeheartedly endorse Cultivating Weeds.
The proceeds from all copies sold by the end of February benefit Secular Pro-Life. And the end of February is just a week away! So please, get your copy before this fundraiser ends. Click here for the print version ($8) or get it on Kindle ($4).

And if you like what Secular Pro-Life is doing but don't want the book, you can make a direct donation to our efforts.

P.S.: Already read it? Join the Cultivating Weeds facebook page and share your review!

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Robert Townshend said...

I had a go at a pro-life piece, though the theme is pretty well submerged till the end. Please feel free to delay reading or ignore altogether, since short fiction is just a late life hobby for me. I have no idea of the quality of what I’m doing. Also, the Australian setting may make the yarn less accessible. Nonetheless, this is it:

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