Thursday, February 7, 2013

Videos: medical experts discuss abortion risks

These three videos are from a medical-legal-political symposium that was hosted by Americans United for Life on Thursday, January 24 (the day before the March for Life). I was there, and I was very impressed by many of the speakers. But the symposium lasted all afternoon, so in this post I will just showcase the talks that I think are of the greatest interest to our readers; namely, the medical talks. All three are completely secular and very well-sourced, so bookmark them for use in debates!

First, Dr. Donna Harrison explains how chemical abortions work and what risks they entail:

Next, Dr. Monique Chireau moves on to surgical abortion, with a focus on long-term risks, and explains some of the limitations on abortion research:

And finally, Dr. Priscilla Coleman presents data on adverse psychological outcomes after abortion, and the factors that put women and girls at greater risk:

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