Tuesday, March 12, 2013

For sale: notorious abortion facility

A tip of the hat to Secular Pro-Life supporter Lynn Mills, who has tracked down this story. Recently, abortionist Reginald Sharpe closed down his Livonia abortion business after he began bankruptcy proceedings (possibly to avoid the medical malpractice claims that had been filed against him).

Last night, Lynn informed me that the facility was for sale. Asking price: $120,000. A deal could happen within a few short hours. Would the winning offer come from a pro-life organization? A storefront business owner? Or would someone come forward to maintain the building as an abortion center?

Today, she has an update:
The offer has been submitted. I was told there would be a clause in the lease "NO ABORTIONS EVER!" So I wait. It could be minutes, hours, or another day.
I'll let you know when we hear more, but it sounds like the pro-life movement in Livonia got the best possible outcome.

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Brick Biggehammer said...

Congratulations, if we keep this up women in America will be forced to bear the responsibilities of parenthood even if they aren't ready for it. Those tramps should have thought about that before opening their legs! But don't you dare teach school kids to use contraception, that is a tacit approval of immoral behavior. Praise Jesus-- I mean rational science based arguments.