Friday, March 29, 2013

We want your opinion

In the coming weeks and months, Secular Pro-Life leaders will be taking a review of where we are and how we should move forward. We would like your input on our long-term plans. Please take just a minute to answer this simple two-question survey. Thank you!

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PA said...

I'm curious, how exactly would SPL get the funding for a paid office staff? Donations?

LN said...


MillRun said...

constant groveling for money hurts the credibility of organizations like lifesitenews, lifenews, operation rescue, and ALL. continue to set yourself apart by NOT doing tht, and you'll come out on top!!!

Rosemary Craycrft said...

I STRONGLY feel that the future of the pro life movement lies in our ability to show the world that the reason abortion is wrong is not RELIGIOUS, but scientific and based in logic. Secular Pro-Life is a unique already, in that it acknowledges this fact by not identifying with any specific faith. I believe Secular Pro Life's focus in the coming years should be to make it's presence more strongly felt and heard by those who don't identify as religious, but who have always discounted the issue of abortion because of it's perceived ties to religion.