Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gosnell trial updates

A lot happened in the last couple of days. In case you missed anything, here's where the trial currently stands.

After the prosecution rested its case, the judge dismissed three of the eight counts of murder for insufficient evidence, then reinstated one. Several lesser charges were also dismissed. At the end of the day, though, Gosnell is still looking at multiple counts of murder and other felonies. If convicted, the death penalty is still on the table.

Which makes it that much more surprising that the defense was over soon after it began. Gosnell did not testify, and they called no other witnesses. 

Closing arguments are scheduled for Monday, and then the jury will begin deliberations.

Meanwhile, we also have word that Fox News will be broadcasting a documentary on the Gosnell case on Sunday, May 5 at 9pm. This is not a broadcast of 3801 Lancaster, but a special report produced by the network itself. We need to show the media that the public wants serious coverage of the horrors of abortion, and to do that, we need this special to get high ratings. So mark your calendars and tune in!

[Editor's note: This piece has been corrected to show that the documentary will air on Fox News, not Fox. We regret the error.]


Mindyurbiz said...

I don't like Fox ordinarily but thank goodness for them in this case!

Victor L Galipi said...

secularprolife, unfortunately I'm not surprised that the defense was so brief. Gosnell's best defense is that he is an abortionist and the abortion industry is one of the most well protected and well connected industries ever, at least in the USA. Further defense might have been overplay and counterproductive.

I really hope I'm wrong about that and I really hope he is sentenced for at least one child murder because that would be quite a blow to the abortion industry.

Ron Cole said...

May 5th 9pm, got it. Thanks!