Tuesday, April 2, 2013

News round-up

A big story out of Florida broke late on Friday, so you might have missed it. Florida is considering legislation to provide care for babies who are born alive in failed abortions. (A federal Born-Alive Infant Protection Act was enacted during the Bush administration, but pro-life legal eagles have encouraged the passage of state-level versions to improve enforcement.) A Planned Parenthood lobbyist testified against it. She actually said that the fate of a born-alive baby should be determined by "the patient and the health care provider." In other words, infanticide is just part of a woman's precious right to choose. Read the transcript and watch the incredibly disturbing video here.

Infamous abortionist Reginald Sharpe just started working at a new abortion facility, and it didn't take him long to injure yet another woman. Unfortunately for the victim, it appears that Sharpe does not carry medical malpractice insurance.

Know any pro-life law students? Americans United for Life is sponsoring a legal writing competition. The prompt requires participants to write a mock opinion overturning Roe v. Wade. “Americans United for Life believes that challenging the next generation of attorneys to envision the language of life in the law is an important step in building a legal framework for reversing Roe and returning this issue to the 50 states.”

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abolitionist73 said...

I saw that video a couple days ago. Do you know if PP has said anything about it? I'd love to see them forced to explain that one publicly.