Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The most depressing thing you'll read today

When you hear the phrase "abortion survivor," you might think of someone like Melissa Ohden, who was born alive after an attempt to kill her with saline. She survived with no serious health problems and is now a prominent pro-life speaker.

Tragically, most abortion survivors do not survive very long. In that vein, you might think of the victims of Kermit Gosnell's gruesome operation, babies who were born prematurely and killed with scissors to the back of the neck. (Although Gosnell's trial is still ongoing and he maintains his innocence, employees of his "clinic" have confessed to participating in numerous infanticides and entered guilty pleas.)

But suppose they hadn't brought out the scissors. Suppose that they had simply taken the premature babies and hid them away in a closet, with no medical intervention, until they died of natural causes. Would Gosnell and his employees still have been charged with murder?

In a civilized society, that would be a ridiculous question. Let me posit that we do not live in a civilized society.

Recently, SPL member Sarah Terzo, writing for Live Action News, did a three-part series on the issue. From numerous reliable sources, she has gathered the stories of abortion victims who died outside the womb. They received no justice.

Americans United for Life dove deep into the murky data of the Centers for Disease Control and discovered that, based on 2003 and 2005 numbers, there are about forty reported cases of newborns dying after botched abortions every year. Reported cases.

I still have a little faith in humanity, so I'm going to assume that most pro-choicers are decent people who have no idea that this is going on. Let's educate them. Share this post on your facebook and twitter accounts.  If anything is worth the potential awkwardness of losing a facebook friend, it's this. Frankly, I don't want to be friends with someone who supports infanticide anyway.


ariofrio said...

Are these "after-birth abortions" legal or illegal in the U.S.? If they are already illegal, why do you think it's important to share this story with pro-choicers?

Victor L Galipi said...

SPL, I agree, we don't live in a civilized society. I'm going to share this, and I have bookmarked all 3 parts of Sarah Terzo's series for future use. Thanks.

Disqus59 said...

What this guy is doing aren't legal abortions, so it has nothing to do with "pro-choicers". ariofrio is right on the money.

argent said...

I think some of the commenters may have missed the fact that while this is nominally illegal, it is generally neither reported nor prosecuted. Gosnell is just the one case that happened to come to light.

Laura Paxton said...

The problem is that Planned Parenthood and President Obama have both said they support a woman's choice to have her infant killed if he is accidentally born alive during an abortion. Both oppose the "born alive infant protection act." So, that is why we are trying to educate the pro-choice community. Some have no idea!