Monday, April 15, 2013

Trip to Liberty University this week

This Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Secular Pro-Life will have a table for the pro-life emphasis week at Liberty University. The pro-life emphasis week is a project of Lifeline, the school's pro-life student organization. Come by any time between 8:00am and 4:00pm for information, conversation, and goodies.

This will be Secular Pro-Life's fourth campus outreach this semester! The other three were secular colleges: University of Mary Washington, University of Richmond, and Columbia University. (We also participated in the Students for Life of America conference in January, interacting with students from universities across the country.)

This will also be our second visit to Liberty University. You may remember that we were there in 2010; SPL president Kelsey Hazzard spoke about the changing demographics of the pro-life movement, and SPL member Heather spoke about her decision to keep her son after a sidewalk counselor shared the science of prenatal life with her.

Thank you for your support as we equip young people to make abortion unthinkable for all!


Jameson Graber said...

I have to admit, it seems a little ironic for SPL to go to Liberty U. Care to comment on being a secular organization at the school of Falwell? What's the interaction like?

Kelsey said...

I know, it is a little unusual! But part of our mission is to improve
the relationship between religious and non-religious pro-lifers. We're
going to have to work together more and more as the nation becomes
increasingly secular and the abortion movement collapses. And since
Liberty is putting itself out there as the place where the next great
generation of conservative leaders will be educated, we need to make
sure that these students won't grow up to exclude pro-life atheists and
religious minorities. The last time SPL was at Liberty, we were very
well received. Of course, it's not the school itself that's inviting us,
but the pro-life student group.