Thursday, May 9, 2013

Shocking video from late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart

Live Action's press release can be found here, and Jill Stanek has some excellent commentary as well. But really, the video speaks quite loudly for itself:

(All dialogue is captioned, so you can watch with the volume off if need be. But I'm not going to declare it "safe for work." It is extremely jarring and you may need some time to compose yourself after watching it. This is the reality of the abortion industry.)

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Victor Galipi said...

Carhart makes crude sexual jokes, calls babies meat in a crock pot, and admits the baby is alive by saying "it's not gonna feel it dying".

He also lies about two women who died under his "care".

What really gets me is daring to say that abortion has a positive effect because you are loving and honoring your dead (oops he said it) baby.

This man is full of sick contradictions and lies.

But he is just another example of where abortion on demand leads in a culture of death where politically correct lies are seen as truth and money is more important than life.