Monday, June 24, 2013

A message from the president

Over the next week, you will see frequent messages and updates from Secular Pro-Life regarding the number of people who like our Facebook page. Here's why.

A few months ago, we asked for your input on the future of Secular Pro-Life. You spoke clearly. You are in favor of expansion, and would like for SPL to have paid staff within the next five years. (And you offered some great programming suggestions that would provide plenty of work for such staffers!)

But you also want us to approach this prudently. You pointed out that non-profits that try to expand too quickly often crash and burn. By taking it slow, SPL can establish lasting progress.

SPL leaders are taking your advice, and have determined that step one has to be increasing our membership. To that end, we have set a goal of doubling our Facebook fans to 5,000 by the end of June. This goal is ambitious, but we believe that it is doable.

Of course, new likes don't appear out of thin air. We need you to invite your pro-life friends! With your help, Secular Pro-Life can take the first steps to expanding our life-saving mission.

Thank you for your support.

For life,
Kelsey Hazzard
President of Secular Pro-Life

P.S.-- Later this summer, we will be unveiling some cool new projects, including a total redesign of our website. Stay tuned!


LN said...

Do you mean by the end of July? Otherwise you're only giving yourself 1 week.

Kelsey said...

One week is our intention. People often don't bother doing something simple like inviting a friend unless there's an artificially tight deadline. We're also running ads this week.

Kristine Kruszelnicki said...

5000 fans =/= 5000 financers. As someone who is already at this time striving to raise funds to do full time pro-life work within the Atheist and Humanist community via I can testify that having people like what you do and having people back what you're doing *financially* are two very different things. Especially if many of your contacts and likes are students.

Happy to hear you're thinking toward that end though. The more people we have working full time to speak on behalf of unborn children the better. Hopefully our groups will be able to partner and continue working together in the future.

I'd love to hear some of the programming suggestions that were brought forward. Perhaps there's some stuff I can implement up in Canada. We're all on the same team, after all. :)

Best of "luck".