Friday, June 7, 2013

Announcing our new paid blogging program!

A generous donor is financing this program to increase the diversity of our authors, the quality of our posts, and the number of our readers. Whether or not you have written for a pro-life blog before, we encourage you to take part!

Here are a few tips to maximize the chances that your commentary will be published:
  • Quality: We are looking for pieces that require little or no editing. Please pay attention to grammar and spelling, and use formatting to make the piece easy to follow.
  • Accuracy: Factual accuracy is a must. To the extent you reference data or events, be sure to cite your sources. Preference will be given to abortion-neutral sources, such as news articles, peer-reviewed research, renowned polls, and so forth. Preference will also be given to sources our readers can easily access online.
  • Topic: We will accept a wide range of topics, but it should obviously relate in a clear way to pregnancy, abortion, or another pro-life concern. Topics should be substantive. Finally, although pieces involving particular events or breaking news will be considered, you will increase your odds of publication by avoiding topics that are time-sensitive. We cannot guarantee a specific publishing schedule.
  • Length: We will accept posts of any length, but keep in mind that the average post at Secular Pro-Life Perspectives is about five paragraphs long. Significantly longer or shorter pieces will be considered if they are particularly insightful and engaging.
  • Viewpoint: Pieces must reflect a secular pro-life viewpoint. By "secular" we mean that the piece cannot endorse a particular religion or rest on specifically religious assumptions. For example, a submission of a prayer reflection or religious poem will not be selected for publication. By "pro-life" we mean that the piece must reflect a desire to improve legal protections for preborn children and/or to improve support for women with unplanned pregnancies. Please also note that Secular Pro-Life does not endorse candidates for political office.
  • Graphics and photos: While these are not required, preference will be given to posts that come with eye-catching photos, charts, or other graphics to help illustrate the author's points and capture the readers' imaginations.
Submission is no guarantee of publication or payment. For every piece we do decide to publish, we will send the author $25.

Happy writing, and we look forward to reading your submissions!


constantcrusader said...

I want to contribute, but firstI would like to ask what are your group's view on contraception. Are you okay with it? Or do you think people should avoid it too?

Kelsey said...

SPL does not oppose contraception.!contraception/ctdo said...

What is your stand on fertility treatments for infertility