Monday, July 29, 2013

Abortionist: Hysterectomy is "basically an early cesarean section"

Dr. Benjamin's office, via
Recently, as I was doing some pro-life research, an ad came up for an abortion business in south Florida. I clicked it, not only because I enjoy costing them money, but also because you can find some incredible things on abortion websites.

But what I came across on Dr. Michael Benjamin's website shocked even me. I immediately took a screenshot, which you can view here, in case he tries to cover his tracks.

Here is the relevant segment, in which he gives completely bogus medical advice on late-term abortion methods:
The final alternative is "hysterectomy" which is basically an early cesarean section.
This procedure is best reserved for situations where emptying the uterus by the vaginal route is not possible. It has the disadvantages of greater risk, greater pain, greater recuperation, and higher cost and perhaps of greatest significance, it precludes future vaginal birth.
A hysterectomy absolutely is not an early cesarean section. It is the surgical removal of the uterus, typically as a treatment for uterine cancer, fibroids, or other gynecological problems.

Dr. Benjamin is technically correct that a hysterectomy precludes future vaginal birth, because it precludes any future birth-- you can't get pregnant without a uterus!

Perhaps he meant hysterotomy, a very different procedure, which does in fact resemble a cesarean. But cesarean sections don't preclude future vaginal birth. Vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) may have increased risks for some women, but it is a medically legitimate option. According to the Mayo Clinic:
Years ago, a C-section ended any hope of future vaginal deliveries. But today, thanks largely to changes in surgical technique, VBAC is possible in many cases. In fact, an estimated 75 percent of women who try VBAC have a successful vaginal delivery.
If Dr. Benjamin cannot get his basic facts straight, how can women possibly trust him with their health and lives?

The icing on the cake is that Dr. Benjamin proudly states that he adheres to the supposedly high standards of the National Abortion Federation. The NAF's website confirms that he is a member.


Meredith Billings said...

Where does this quack perform these "cesarean" abortions? A hysterectomy is major surgery and I don't think his clinic is a surgery center.

TooManyJens said...


JoAnna Wahlund said...

Wow. Even if the doctor had no part in creating/maintaining the website, at the very least he should make sure there's medically accurate information on it.

Coyote said...

I am very glad that the information on his website is being corrected on this blog for everyone to see.

That said, there are some (perhaps many) pro-lifers who are scientifically uneducated and/or scientifically ignorant as well (Todd Akin being one of the most notable examples).

TooManyJens said...

Yes, there are. But SPL criticizes that too, thankfully. (They even let me post a guest blog in which I blasted the hell out of Todd Akin. :)

Coyote said...

Well, that is good to hear. :) Honestly, no offence, but I strongly detest people who don't know basic biology but who insist on having a solid opinion on abortion anyway.

Uomo Senzanome said...

Since Wikipedia includes a page specifically referring to "hysterotomy abortion" (it is a term of medical art) I do suspect that was what was meant, not hysterectomy. It's probably a spellcheck/autocorrect type error -- my spellcheck doesn't like hysterotomy
-- but as you say, that's no excuse for not proofreading for *meaning* or for omitting the fact that VBAC is possible.

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