Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pro-choice groups say subway ads are a form of intimidation

Yes, you heard right. Offering free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and counseling is super-duper intimidating. Pro-choice groups (NARAL) are up in arms against ads from EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers, a pro-life group. According to Andrea Miller, Executive Director of NARAL, "there should be truth in advertising."

Alternatives to abortion?? False advertising! There are no alternatives to abortion!

Well, 'truth in advertising' would be an issue if they didn't offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and counseling. Yet they do. So what's the real issue here?

Surprise surprise, it's because EMC offers pro-life alternatives to abortion. NARAL justifies their attack with this keen observation: "those behind the ads try to reach out to women considering abortions and attempt to stop or delay them from doing so." Oh gosh, she's right -- that's so illegal! Because everyone knows that you must explicitly state your angle on all ads even if what is being advertised is 100% accurate. And we'd never tolerate less than 100% accuracy in advertising.


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And NARAL isn't alone on this. "NY Congresswoman  Carolyn Maloney has now introduced federal legislation that would call on the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, to regulate such ads and prevent advertisers from making what Maloney is calling false promises."

Well that would certainly be useful legislation if anything they were promising was false. Way to spend your your constituents' tax money doing something useful, Maloney.

So what do you think -- are pro-life ads held to a completely different standard?    


Killian Murphy said...

Genuinely love Secular Pro-Life! Wish you guys were the main international group!

Jameson Graber said...

I suppose it depends on how you define the word "alternative" here. Obviously if "abortion alternative" means another procedure which would have the same outcome as abortion (but isn't abortion), then I suppose there's some falsehood in this advertisement.

But that seems a little reaching to me. It seems clear from the sign (and from common sense) that "abortion alternatives" means something else.

Janet Susan said...

So... NARAL is NOT pro-choice? Huh.

Myra said...

It is a full on title but I guess this would be effective when there is a lot of pressure to have an abortion. Sometimes woman don't even know they have a choice, that they don't have to have an abortion. Especially when woman are surrounded by people who judge them and think they should not have a baby. So many woman who have had pressured abortions, emotionally forced abortions, it is so sad. Someone needs to reach them.

Alden Smith said...

Pro Choice means you have to choose abortion