Tuesday, July 2, 2013

#Stand4Life in Texas

Texas is considering legislation that would hold abortion facilities to the safety standards of other surgical facilities, require abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals, and ban late-term abortions. The bill is a response to the horrific testimony of ex-employees of abortionist Douglas Karpen, also known as the "Texas Gosnell."

Photo of Texas pro-life family courtesy
of New Wave Feminists
Pro-abortion groups that claim to represent women's interests are pulling out all the stops to defeat this legislation. Since the state legislature has a pro-life majority, opponents are relying on underhanded tactics. The last time this legislation was considered (just last week), they delayed a vote past a critical deadline by literally shouting down the proceedings.

The bill will be introduced again this afternoon. Abortion advocates are descending upon Austin, and have even resorted to buying protesters on Craigslist.

But pro-life advocates are not backing down. We will match their crowds-- but our side will be respectful. We will show the world what it means to be pro-life and pro-woman.

If you can be in Austin in person, wear blue (pro-aborts are wearing orange), and be sure to register your support for the bill at the kiosks outside the committee room.

If you can't make it to Austin, support the brave pro-life women and men who are facing the lawless Texas mob by participating in the #Stand4Life campaign on twitter. Or if you're more of a facebook person, change your cover photo.


Bob said...

Good luck and God bless!

Sarah Mindek said...

The link

Kelsey said...

Strange, it's working for me. Unfortunately I don't know where else to get the photo. It has an ultrasound image and the words "This person will Stand4Life" with an arrow pointing to the profile picture.

AJ said...

Alden Smith said...

I wished one of professors had testified in Texas. Both are female, both have kids that they had in grad school and both have low tolerance for stupidity. As well as multiple degrees in Medicine and science and long work history in the Medical Community. They would have made Wendy Davis cry after they torn apart each of her arguments.