Thursday, July 4, 2013

Wishing you a very happy Independence Day

That's me on the left, in my early years as a
pro-life activist, at the University of Miami
Today, Americans remember our founding document, the Declaration of Independence. It begins with a revolutionary identification of our inalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These words inspired the creation of a new nation, and centuries later, they inspire pro-life Americans to make good on their nation's promise of life and equality.

Secular Pro-Life wishes all of our American readers a safe and pleasant 4th of July. As for our international readers... I suppose you can have a nice 4th of July too, can't you?

We'll be back on Monday with more pro-life news and commentary. Enjoy the weekend!

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Coyote said...

Thank you, and happy late 4th of July to you as well.

Unfortunately, I have been sick over the last several days, and I am still sick right now.

Also, in regards to the Founding Fathers, weren't many/most/all of them politically pro-choice? Of course, I've also heard that they did not know that a new life began at conception back then. Please correct me if I am wrong on my of my info here. (This doesn't make the politically anti-abortion position any less valid (and it is worth noting that some Founding Fathers were slave-owners and/or misogynists), but it is still worth pointing out.)