Thursday, September 12, 2013

Down to the Wire

Today is the last day of our monthly donor campaign. So far we've raised $137.10 in recurring monthly gifts, or $1645 a year! That's not bad, but we're not done. I know from experience that most fundraisers surge at the very end.

If you haven't made a contribution yet, please click here to give. Any amount helpsthe key is that it be a recurring monthly donation. For a small, volunteer-run non-profit like Secular Pro-Life, having a predictable budget is so important. The amount we raise by the end of today will determine the scope of Secular Pro-Life's projects for the near future.

I'd love to update and expand our advertising to women who are being targeted by dangerous abortion mills. I'd love to purchase Facebook advertising to let pro-life atheists know there are others out there who think like them. I'd love to create innovative new videos making the case for life. I'd love to reach more campus activists than ever at the next Students for Life of America conference.

But all of these things take money. Without sufficient funds, we'll have to triageand potentially life-saving projects will be left on the table.

A small SPL contingent at our first March
for Life.  How far we've come!
(That's me in the purple hat.)
I don't get paid to run Secular Pro-Life. I do it out of love. And I know that Secular Pro-Life has many members who share that passion. Whether you've been part of this movement
from the beginning, or just found SPL last week, your support matters.

Please give today. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your generosity!

Kelsey Hazzard
President of Secular Pro-Life

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