Friday, September 20, 2013

Participate in the National Community Baby Shower Day!

The National Community Baby Shower Day is just five weeks away! Actually, it isn't a day, but a weekend: Saturday, October 26 and Sunday, October 27.

To participate, first, check to see if there's already a baby shower scheduled in your area. If there isn't, follow these simple steps:
1) Contact the local pregnancy resource center in your area and tell them your group wants to host a Baby Shower to collect items to donate. Ask them what items they are generally most in need of.  Visit to find a nearby PRC.  [Editor's Note: Secular Pro-Life has a more comprehensive list.]
2) Visit a local superstore (like Target, Walmart, HEB, Kmart, etc) several weeks or months ahead of time to get permission to host a donation drive outside of their store. Have as much information about the local pregnancy center you’re helping as possible, in case the manager requests it.
3) Once permission is obtained, make signs that say “We need: diapers, baby formula, wipes, etc.” and “All donations go to (name of pregnancy resource center).” Have a decorated jar ready for people to make cash donations.
4) Call to confirm the date of the Community Baby Shower with the store the week beforehand.
5) On the day of the Community Baby Shower, bring a table to place donations and to tape the signs.
6) About an hour before you pack up your donations to leave, take down the signs and stop requesting items. That way people still shopping who intend to donate will not be stuck with baby items they have no use for because you left!
It's easy to get your pro-life friends together and help families in need. But you'll want to start planning soon! Click here to register your group. And be sure to post a notice on the Secular Pro-Life facebook page as well. We'll be more than happy to promote your baby shower.

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