Monday, October 21, 2013

A Report from Last Weekend's Conference

Secular Pro-Life president Kelsey Hazzard here. On Friday and Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the Vita et Veritas (Life & Truth) Conference 2013 at Yale University. On Friday afternoon I was part of the panel "Converging Paths: Religious and Secular Perspectives on Abortion," along with representatives from the Center for Muslim Life, Christian Union, and Jewish Pro-Life Foundation.

We attempted to live stream the talk, but as you know if you tried to tune in, the video did not work. Only the audio was recorded. On top of that, the presentation did not start at the scheduled time, creating a large chunk of dead space in the recording. And on top of that, my later attempts to embed the recording for you (or, in the alternative, download and re-upload it) resulted in cascading technological headaches with no success.

So: if you'd like to listen to the panel discussion (and I do highly recommend it), you need to click here and then start the video at 21:27. Also, there will be advertisements. I apologize for these inconveniences, and I promise that Secular Pro-Life has learned from this experience. Which is to say that I have canceled the subscription and SPL will never attempt to live stream anything ever again.

Technical difficulties aside, though, it was a great event. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting pro-life student activists from Yale and many other schools across New England. I leave you with some photos, featuring friends old and new:

A visitor to the Secular Pro-Life table, who is 13 weeks
pregnant, holds our 12-week fetal model.

Meeting the incomparable Mary Meehan.

Dinner with Aimee Murphy of the Life Matters Journal,
who moderated the panel, and co-panelist Suzy Ismail.

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