Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TODAY: Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity

Today is the annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, during which pro-lifers—primarily students—give up their voices to honor the victims of abortion.

Although Secular Pro-Life is not an official co-sponsor of this event, we strongly support all the courageous young people who are participating this year. In past years, some students have faced ridicule from their
pro-abortion peers. But they have also seen incredible conversions from pro-choice to pro-life (Silent Day participants distribute cards explaining why they are not speaking), and some have even persuaded their classmates to cancel abortion appointments!

So far, students from over 750 schools have registered. If you are sacrificing your voice for the unborn today, Secular Pro-Life applauds and encourages you! You are more than welcome to share your experiences on the Facebook page. And if you do encounter a classmate who needs pregnancy help, whatever her religious beliefs, please share our resource page with her.

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