Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Portland, OR: A pro-life teacher needs your help!

[Today's guest post by Alycia Hartley is part of our paid blogging program.]

The Washington Times recently reported on a teacher who is currently being lambasted by Planned Parenthood and the Portland School District. The Times article tells the story of Bill Diss, a math teacher at a high-minority, high-risk Portland school. Diss is an educator that has won awards for his work with high-risk students, “and for helping stop gang violence in Portland Parks.” However, this award winning, recognized educator is now in threat of losing his teaching license, and not because of any sex or money scandal, or because of any unethical conduct. No, the reason his whole teaching career is now on the line is because he dared to speak out against Planned Parenthood.

Diss is known for doing pro-life activism outside of school hours. As the Times article reports, “It has raised the ire of Principal Carol Campbell and other school administrators for years.” The Times explains further: “Diss said that, on one occasion, Campbell demanded to know exactly what Diss had said at a prayer vigil. Hearing there was video, she also wanted to see that.”

The Times quotes a mother of a student who said the following, “The highlight of [my son’s] day however is his math class with Mr. Diss. … It seems he goes to great lengths to make himself available for any student who needs additional help. … Mr. Diss cares enough about his students to have firm boundaries and tell them the truth, even when it hurts.” This mother’s ending comment certainly came to fruition when Planned Parenthood literally came barging into Mr. Diss’s classroom.

On September 17th of last year, Mr. Diss was surprised when agents of the Health and Human Service Teen Outreach Program (TOP), who turned out to be Planned Parenthood workers, came into his classroom to “put up signs and began offering gift certificates and cash incentives to his students to enroll them in the program.” Mr. Diss asked them to leave, but instead Principal Carol Campbell came into the class to make sure everyone, including Diss, stayed. When Mr. Diss asked to leave the presentation because of his conscientious objection, Campbell refused.

Mr. Diss was reported telling students later in the hallway that Planned Parenthood, “was a racist organization, was involved in eugenics, and was a provider of abortions.” Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a well-known eugenist of her time, and wrote about providing birth control and abortion services in hopes of eliminating the black race. (A few years ago, some black pro-lifers came to together to expose Sanger’s racist agenda in a documentary named Maafa 21.)

What happened to Mr. Diss for speaking up about Planned Parenthood? According to the Times, he was observed by Planned Parenthood for two weeks and by his Principal Carole Campbell almost 40 times. He has been subjected to about a dozen hearings, and tomorrow the Portland School District will bring formal charges against Mr. Diss as unfit to teach. All this because Mr. Diss dared to speak up about a corrupt organization that kills pre-born children every day, 332,000 total in 2012 alone.

Instead of allowing Mr. Diss to exercise his First Amendment rights, Planned Parenthood and the Portland School District are now throwing the book at him to slap him with one of the most degrading offenses there is in education: "unfit to teach." Why is Mr. Diss unfit to teach according to Portland schools? Because he dared to speak out against an organization that he believed would harm his studentsa reasonable belief, in light of Planned Parenthood's history of fabricating medical information, advancing a racist agenda, and turning a blind eye to sexual abuse.

Jim Sedlak of the organization STOPP explains the situation well: “Planned Parenthood is ruthless. This is about political power, not the truth, the children, or good teachers. They will no doubt pack the hearing with pro-choice activists to sway the outcome.”

If you are a pro-lifer in the Portland area, and are able to attend the hearing for Mr. Diss, I highly recommend you do so. The hearing will take place at the headquarters for the Portland Public School which is located at 501 N. Dixon Street in Portland, Oregon, beginning at 4 p.m. on November 14.

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Thank you for this story. Please keep readers posted on how the hearing goes tomorrow.