Monday, November 18, 2013

Pro-Life Teacher's Career Still Hangs in the Balance

Last week, we reported the story of Bill Diss, a Portland, Oregon high school teacher facing discrimination for being pro-life. Mr. Diss warned his students not to trust Planned Parenthood, which was on the campus for a sex education program. Planned Parenthood has, among other things, been caught providing false information about prenatal development in order to make abortion appear more acceptable.

For this crime of political incorrectness, Mr. Diss was suspended from his position, despite an exemplary (and even award-winning) record as a teacher. On Wednesday, November 14, he faced a disciplinary hearing to determine whether or not he would be declared "unfit to teach."

Since then, numerous concerned secular pro-lifers have contacted us, wanting to know the outcome of the hearing. The decision still has not been announced. However, we can report that pro-lifers showed up in droves to support Mr. Diss. Students for Life of America's Brendan O'Morchoe writes that Diss "has received hundreds of supportive letters from students, parents, and colleagues. Diss remained cordial throughout the hearing and support was overwhelming. The night ended in applause for Diss from supporters. A verdict has not yet been reached. The school board representative who was present at the hearing on Thursday night will make a decision at a later date which has not yet been announced to Diss or his union representative."

Mr. Diss may have taught his students a more valuable lesson through this ordeal than he has in any classroom. His resolute commitment to doing the right thing, in the face of oppression and ridicule, is very admirable. The students of Portland Oregon deserve to keep a teacher of such conscience and courage.


Crystal said...

Portland isn't smart enough to know what a good teacher looks like (from a local)

Hugh O'Rourke said...

We have here in Ireland the problem of bad advice given by pro-abortion, state funded agencies not being followed up by our health authorities. More than one year ago, action was promised but no report has issued. We need international solidarity with Bill Diss to counter the global programme of misinformation by pro-abortion activists.

LevelUpPlease said...

While is comments may not have been approriate or violated school policy, it is definitely not something he should lose his job over.