Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Students for Life of America announces West Coast conference

For the first time, in addition to its conference in D.C. coinciding with the March for Life, Students for Life of America will also be holding a conference in San Francisco coinciding with the West Coast Walk for Life! The West Coast conference will be held on Saturday, January 26; details here. I cannot promise that Secular Pro-Life will be there, given the short notice, but we are going to try. In any event, we will definitely be at the D.C. conference on January 21.

Coincidentally, this announcement comes just days after the premiere of a one-woman stage show making fun of the Students for Life conference. (To give you an idea of the intellectual caliber of this show, the trailer features a strange-voiced character getting the audience to chant "Mom! Baby! God!" The show's creator claims to have researched by actually attending the conference, but somehow missed our table with the giant, bright blue Secular Pro-Life banner in the hallway.) Did she think her acting skills would keep pro-life young people from caring about the slaughter of unborn children? Well, too bad, because SFLA just added a conference. I love it.

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Clinton said...

Meh. One-person shows are ridiculous, anyway. It's truly mind-boggling what passes as art in our post-modern culture.
At any rate, I'll likely be at the Walk on Saturday, but I have to be back in town the following day (I live about four hours from San Francisco).