Friday, December 20, 2013

The Year's Top Graphics

Yesterday, we featured the top blog posts of 2013. But Secular Pro-Life is often an organization of few words. Here are the top 10 most liked and shared SPL graphics of 2013 (click to enlarge).

#10: So much for choice

#9: Wise words, Gloria

#8: Biology 101
(You can buy the bumper sticker, and proceeds benefit Secular Pro-Life.)

#7: Oh.

#6: What a concept!
(You can buy this one too.)

#5: Remember, "anti" is not always a bad thing
(You guys sure love bumper stickers.)

#4: This song will be stuck in your head now

#3: I promise this is the last bumper sticker

#2: "Bro-choice" boys have nothing on pro-life men

#1: And finally, a shout-out to all the powerful mamas out there


Jameson Graber said...

I like #6 the best, even if it is a bumper sticker.

Kate Compton said...

In general, I think #3 is my favorite, but as a mama currently "growing" baby #4, I got a special bit of happiness from #1. :)

Kelsey said...

I probably shouldn't get a vote since I made some of them... Of the ones I did NOT make, my hands-down favorite is #4.
(Of those I did make, I'm partial to #9.)

The Nun said...

#9 is fantastic.

Tyler said...

Someone should make a pic that has two children, one of them with Down syndrome with a quote something like, "you tell him that you think his parents should have be free to kill him."

Chaoticblu said...

I kind of wonder how pro choice parents explain that concept to their children (I mean since you usually try and teach your children your own concepts of ethics/morals. I mean , I'm sure they DON'T go "mommy and daddy could have aborted you" but still, how do you explain being ok with ending lives to your children? Because you know eventually they will pick up on something you say , mention to a friend etc and start to question.

I can only fathom that the explaining would start with misconceptions such as a fetus isn't human and 'unborn' actually meaning 'not alive' (or 'unalive' as I like to say) It's so scary some people actually THINK that. Buy that logic abortion should be legal right up till the women goes into labor. I wonder how many pro choice people would actually agree with that?

LN said...

"I'm sure they DON'T go "mommy and daddy could have aborted you" but still, how do you explain being ok with ending lives to your children?"

They don't see it as a life, they see it as the equivalent of killing defective eggs or sperm.

Anton said...

Yeah, because equating abortion with baby-killing is so reasonable and civil.

I was one of twins that my teenaged birth mother gave up for adoption. If she had aborted us, I just wouldn't be here. And how many of you would lament that fact? Tell the truth.

Kelsey said...

I would. And I lament that you have such little apparent regard for your own life, that you would side with those who treat you as a poster child for abortion.

PrincessJasmine4 said...


I'm going to use that one!!!

Mel said...

He could stand to take a lesson from Jack Nickleson.

PrincessJasmine4 said...

all the lessons in the world won't teach some people

KB said...

I think I like #9 the best too!

Rachel Anne Enders said...

I would.