Thursday, January 2, 2014

Interview with Monica Snyder

Secular Pro-Life's west coast representative, who will be speaking at the West Coast Walk for Life, was recently interviewed by the California Catholic Daily. They wound up devoting a full article to the people and mission of Secular Pro-Life!
On January 25, 2014, pro-lifers will assemble in San Francisco for the 10th annual Walk for Life West Coast. As the walk has grown it has attracted a diverse group of supporters. The radical nature of the abortion issue is capable of uniting those diverse groups. One such group is Secular Pro-Life. Like many religious groups, Secular Pro-Life brings rigorous scientific analysis (a recent post was entitled “Don’t impose your science on me!”) to the question, but unlike religious groups they can’t be automatically disregarded by those claiming to see an inherent opposition between religion and science. 
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