Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TODAY: March for Life!

The weather is going to be atrocious, but we're no fair-weather activists. You can still plan on us to be at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. this morning! The abortion industry doesn't take the day off when it's cold. Neither will we.

The original plan was to meet in front of the Museum of Natural History. However, we have heard (unconfirmed) rumors that the setup will be different this year and the stage will be right in front of the Museum of Natural History. If that is the case, obviously we'll have to move. Check the facebook event for updates, or just look for our giant blue banner.

If the snow has caused you to miss a flight or be unable to drive in: we'll miss you. But you can still be a part of the March for Life experience! If you've received a refund for travel expenses, donate some of it to Secular Pro-Life and/or another pro-life organization. SPL member Phil E. suggests that you "spend the day as an e-activist" by talking up the March for Life on social media. And as usual, there will be a live broadcast on EWTN (the Catholic channel).

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