Friday, February 21, 2014

The Secular Pro-Life Position - Stanford University Presentation

On Wednesday evening, SPL gave a presentation to the Stanford Students for Life discussing why we need secular arguments against abortion and what some of those secular arguments are. The presentation was followed by a great question and answer session with the students. To see the presentation and most of* the Q&A, click here, or search "February 19, 2014 Stanford presentation" on Youtube.

(One of the slides from the presentation)

*Note: some of the Q&A was omitted upon request from students involved, for privacy reasons.


Becky said...

Thank you so much Monika, for an amazing talk at Stanford! It was great to meet you and Ellen :) You gave the audience so much to think about, and I really admire you!

GEIxBattleRifle said...

In the case of coma we don't know if the coma destroyed there rationality, autonomy, theory of mind, language, reasoning abilities, intelligence etc.
Here are cases where they came out fine.

Jay Smith said...

The exception makes the rule.

Plum Dumpling said...

I am PRO life so naturally I am PRO choice.