Monday, February 10, 2014

University of Georgia presentation video

Last Thursday, Secular Pro-Life president Kelsey Hazzard gave her "Pro-Life Without God" presentation at the University of Georgia. The event, sponsored by Students for Life UGA, was an incredible success!

In the days leading up to the talk, someone repeatedly tore down advertising posters on campus. The most logical explanation is that an abortion supporter did not want others to hear the pro-life message—a scenario that has played out many timesat many schools. But pro-life Bulldogs diligently replaced the posters as often as necessary. The attempted censorship was a colossal failure, with around 80 to 100 students attending the presentation! (See photos on our facebook page.)

But those 80 to 100 students are just the beginning. We recorded the presentation in order to maximize our audience. Please watch and share the video below!



Drew Hymer said...

Good job but i have one criticism.

Is abortion "murder"?

It seems you should have answered "yes, or at least some sort of criminal homicide".

Drew Hymer said...

But it sounded like a dodge. She didn't have to answer from a legal perspective. She could have answered from a moral perspective.

MarcusFenix said...

Putting this here, since likely it'll be deleted on dippy-do's end of things.

know. At this point, it's just me gathering screen shots of his
statements, for use later. I saw some of your conversations with him
previously (I'm not sure if they're still there), and pretty much saw
the same thing.

I'm going to let him wind down and see how far he
wants to go. It's like watching a train want to stop and
look away, but you can't.

I had forgotten to follow you, since you were gracious enough before to do so for me. Favor returned. :)

Happy Hunting!

MarcusFenix said...

and again, from elsewhere.

The Law of Double Stupid..consider it co-op'd for future use. LOVE IT!