Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why NARAL is mad at President Obama

Judge Boggs
NARAL has been flooding my Facebook feed with paid advertisements for a petition to thwart the nomination of Judge Michael Boggs to the federal bench. This is a little strange, since you may recall from high school civics class that federal judges are nominated by the President; you might also recall that the current President of the United States is such a diehard abortion supporter that he was unwilling to get on board with the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act. So what's going on here?

According to NARAL, when Boggs was a Georgia state legislator more than a decade ago, he "tried to channel funds to anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers and make a parental consent law even more extreme." In oldspeak, that means that Boggs 1) supported the creation of a Choose Life license plate, which facilitates pro-life people donating their own money to pro-life causes, and 2) supported a requirement that minor girls be accompanied to the abortion facility by a parent. It's worth noting that this parent-must-accompany rule is designed to combat sexual abuse.

So the pro-choice lobby is twisting the facts, which is hardly news. But this quote by NARAL president Ilyse Hogue blew me away with its sheer nonsensical stupidity:
"Michael Boggs actually believes that there is one definition of what it means to live your life as an American. The thing is, that’s anti-American," NARAL President Ilyse Hogue said in a statement. "We cannot risk having someone like that on the bench when we know we have so many cases coming down the pike that will define the very fabric of who we are as a nation and we are not only a nation that supports diversity, but we’re actually a pro-choice nation."
What. The. Hell?

First of all, no rational human being would make the leap from "X supports Choose Life plates and parental consent laws" to "X believes that he is the arbiter of what it means to be an American." What makes this really rich is that Hogue then goes on to "define what it means to live your life as an American" when she declares, wrongly, that America is "a pro-choice nation." Seriously, does she even read her statements before she sends them to the press?

The truth, of course, is that NARAL is very much in the minority. In particular, 60% of pro-choicers support parental consent laws.

I have a theory about what's really going on here. Boggs is a pro-life Democrat. The abortion movement has a deep interest in maintaining its stranglehold on the Democratic Party, which will become harder to do as the Millennial generation ages into positions of influence. NARAL is willing to spend a good deal of money to send a message to Obama: maintain your party's pro-abortion ideological purity, or suffer the consequences.


CuriousMinds said...

I'm curious about how Obama ended up nominating a prolifer. There's gotta be something going on there...

As a non-Catholic prolifer, I actually see one similarity between Ilyse Hogue's rhetoric and the most extreme of the Catholic stuff, which bleeds through sometimes on lifesitenews: it reads like it comes from deep within a well-padded echo chamber; the speakers/writers have lost touch with how it comes across to mainstream Americans. They're preaching to their choirs, while the rest of us think, "What. The. Hell?" Amanda Marcotte is another one. Same effect is seen in New Atheists, and in those Young Earth Creationists that attended the Nye-Ham debate and posted pictures of their questions on Buzzfeed. Their echo chambers' gene pools are just waaaaay too thin.

Janet Susan said...

NARAL's little world is becoming even smaller. Tsk-tsk.

Drew Hymer said...

i'm having a hard time believing that Obama would pick anyone who isn't an full supporter of prenatal baby-killing.

Vita said...

Me too but I am happily surprised by it.

Rachel Anne Enders said...