Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What would you say to an abortionist?

On Saturday, a Christian friend of mine found himself on a plane with late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart. Carhart is known for, among other things, the death of Jennifer Morbelli last year.

My friend says: "I wasn't sitting close enough to have a conversation with him (the aisle and his wife were between us, but we were in the same row) and felt he would shut me down right away anyway. I couldn't sit so close to him and I was shaking so hard. I asked to be moved up a couple rows where I couldn't see him." And then, for the next two hours, my friend prayed. After landing, as Carhart walked off the plane, my friend told him "Leroy, we're all praying for you."

Leroy Carhart
Now, this post isn't meant as a criticism of my friend. We have different religious beliefs, but he is of course entitled to pray whenever he feels like it, and I can certainly understand his anxiety in that unique situation. I'm sure he had never given any thought to what he might say to an abortionist.

So let's give some thought to that question now. It's an unlikely scenario, certainly. (My friend is a very frequent flier and this is the first such encounter he's ever had.) But it can't hurt to be prepared!

If I had the chance to speak to Carhart in particular, I would want to ask some questions along the lines of: "Do you feel bad about Jennifer? I haven't seen anything in the press where you've offered an apology. And you're still doing what you do. Has it changed anything about the way that you practice? She came to you because her unborn child was disabled. Did you share with her any of the resources available to the parents of children with disabilities? Did you talk with her about the adoptive families who have opened their hearts and homes to special needs children? Such a conversation could have saved her life, and the life of her daughter Madison. Have you started having those conversations with patients since her death? Mr. Carhart, I am not asking you to stop helping women: but there are better ways to do it. Please, consider reaching out to And Then There Were None. It isn't too late to change your career path."

Of course, like my friend said, he probably would have shut me down long before I could get all of that out. (Perhaps I could pass a note.)

What about you? How would you react to being on a plane (or other close quarters) with an abortionist?


Elizabeth Doecke said...

That is a tough question. Like your friend, I think I'd struggle to be in close proximity to someone like Leroy Carhart. But given the opportunity to speak to someone, I'd want to ask them if they feel a need to justify what they do, and - if so - what is that justification. I'd also want to know what their view on the humanity on the unborn is. Too, I'd want to know if they'd truly given the women who came to them every option; if they ever consider the possibility of coercion or if that given the proper support, these women could birth and potentially parent their children.

JDC said...

Personally, the first thing I would do is ask them if this is what they imagined they would be doing when they grew up. If they answered no, I would then go on to ask about at what point they decided to do this for a living, and more importantly why. said...

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