Monday, May 5, 2014

They thought they'd go unchallenged

Last week, the abortion advocacy group NARAL announced a victory. They boasted that they had pressured Google into removing certain advertisements for pro-life pregnancy centers that appeared when people entered abortion-related search terms. NARAL claimed that offering alternatives to abortion to those most in need of them is "deceptive."

It's not clear whether NARAL's claim is true, or just pro-choice fundraising bluster. Several pregnancy resource centers have stated that their ads are in fact still running.

But NARAL's aim is very clear: silence the abortion lobby's competition. And they thought they'd go unchallenged.

They were wrong.

We have just completed a major update of Through this site, Secular Pro-Life warns women about abortion centers with a history of health code violations and malpractice lawsuits. We empower them with the information they need to secure their health and the health of their unborn children. now contains data on over 150 abortion centers across the United States!

When a woman searches for "abortion" on Google, what will appear? If NARAL gets its way, she'll see nothing but sales pitches. But with your help, she can know the truth.

Please help us run Google advertisements for by making a donation today.

Thank you for your support!


Crystal Kupper said...

Great idea!

Michael Bascon said...

This is awesome, thanks secular pro-life!

purrtriarchy said...

We don't care what it is that causes so many miscarriages of confirmed
pregnancies; we want it fixed, and we don't care how much it might cost
to fix it.

From what I have seen, they really don't appear to be all that concerned about miscarriages. They just shrug and say 'it's natural'.

If they really considered every zygote to be a baby, they would put as much effort into fixing the problem of miscarriages was was put into SIDS.

ignorance_is_curable said...

And would any current lack of concern stay that way if a fixable cause was found, for miscarriages? Considering how Science appears to be researching absolutely everything these days, I expect that learning the causes of miscarriages is on the agenda. So, if found, and found to be fixable, I do think the abortion opponents would be insisting the fix be used wherever it might prevent a miscarriage. Especially if someone else paid for it!

Michelle Ewing said...

Great points, and thanks for sharing the article. I think abortion is much easier to prevent than miscarriage. Some studies also show a correlation between abortion and miscarriage later in life. Zygotes and blastocysts die because they are too weak to implant. The DNA didn't mix right or the blastocysts aren't developing normally. I'm sure sometimes the lining is too thin because of birth control, but I think this is a calling to make birth control that better prevents sperm/ovum from leaving the ovary/testy. As for miscarriage, we do need to study it more, and offer treatments before the 3rd miscarriage.