Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Conceived to be Wild

SPL supporter Nicole J. won our "Language of Life" t-shirt contest with these companion designs:


This is a great conversation-starter, without being confrontational or over-the-top. ("Why does it say 'conceived to be wild' instead of 'born to be wild'?" "Because human life begins at conception; our language just hasn't caught up to the science.")

You can get yours for just $25! A portion of that price goes to Secular Pro-Life. Here are links to get yours on our Zazzle store:
By purchasing a shirt, you'll support us financially and spread the pro-life message. Win-win!


JDC said...

Congratulations, Nicole J!

Purple Slurpy said...

To make "The Language of Life" REALLY stick, how about these other fun things we can promote:

1) mortuary services for miscarriages (funeral industry would LOVE you guys!). Cause, you know, they're human, just pre-born. And of course, a pending criminal investigation to make sure it wasn't negligent homicide.
2) US citizenship to all babies born to foreign couples who get knocked-up while on vacation in Hawaii (or any of the 50 states).
3) having "conception window parties" instead of "birthday parties", like October 3rd +/- 5 days because mom and dad had a crazy shagfest that week. Could've been any of those days.