Wednesday, September 3, 2014

8 Things "After Tiller" Left Out

[Today's guest post by Maria Tsikalas is part of our paid blogging program.]

Social media is erupting this week in the latest abortion-related controversy: PBS’s decision to air “After Tiller” on Labor Day.

“After Tiller” is a documentary that examines the motivations and difficulties of four late-term abortionists—LeRoy Carhart, Warren Hern, Susan Robinson, and Shelley Sella—and some of their patients, in an attempt to contextualize late-term abortion and humanize the doctors. There is not much to add that hasn’t already been said on other pro-life websites, blogs, and Twitter (#AfterTiller), but here’s a list of simple facts that further ‘contextualize’ the procedure and those who perform it.
  1. In the film, we are told that third-trimester abortions are less than one percent of all abortions. What we are not told is that one percent = approximately 10,000 babies in the U.S. per year. 
  2. Most of the pregnant patients featured in the film were carrying babies with severe abnormalities or disabilities, but in reality, Tiller himself admitted that this situation constituted only about eight percent of his abortions. So that means every year these doctors abort about 9,200 healthy, viable, developed babies with no health complications whatsoever.1
  3. At least four women have died from legal second- and third-trimester abortions in the past two years. 
  4. Carhart has been responsible for eight medical emergencies (that we know of) since March 2012, including the death of Jennifer Morbelli last year. 
  5. Carhart has described babies in the womb dying as being "like meat in a Crock-pot." 
  6. Former Tiller employee Tina David said of Sella: "[The] baby came out, and it was moving. I don’t know if it was alive or if it was nerves, I have no clue. But Dr. Sella looked up right away at me and took a utensil and stabbed it, right here, and twisted. And then it didn’t move anymore.”

  7. Former Tiller employee Luhra Tivis has said that she was trained to answer the phone like a salesperson marketing a product, selling abortion to the caller. Tivis also described seeing Tiller carrying a heavy cardboard box full of dead babies into his crematorium and smelling the flesh as it burned. 
  8. Robinson was shocked when she realized a baby she'd thought to be 32 weeks from the ultrasound was actually closer to 37 weeks when he or she was aborted.
Hard to humanize all that.

[1] Please note that I am not arguing that abortion is more justifiable for babies with disabilities than without. The film features some women who had received diagnoses that their baby would die would die in utero or shortly after birth, or that their child would be in pain for his or her entire life, leading viewers to believe that such extreme circumstances constitute the majority of late-term abortions, when that is not true.


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Bert_1 said...

I am not in the medical profession so I can't really comment on the first part. I don't know what the laws say about premature children.

Yes, unfortunately, there is such a thing as "post-birth abortion" and it is as disgusting as its name implies. As far as I know, it is not legal anywhere yet but there is a push for it. Just do a google search on the term

Jennifer Starr said...

Unfortunately, unless your body expels it naturally, there may not be much of a choice in the matter, and there's always a danger of infection. One way or another the body has to come out.

lady_black said...

That is a violation of law. The law requires care be given. The law doesn't require heroic measures. And no they do NOT allow viable infants to die of neglect. And you cannot find one instance where that has happened. If they are left to die, it's because nothing can be done for them.

Keatsandshelley said...

No I disagree. Medically they may be similar but in one instance the baby is wanted, in the other it is not. That makes all the difference

Russell Crawford said...

"What's really disingenuous is that pro-choice people keep focusing on the "zygote" when, in fact, no human zygotes are killed through abortions. "

No that is not disingenuous, what is disingenuous is the idea that one can tell if the zygote is alive, human or capable of living to birth. While it is true that 70 percent of zygotes die on their own it is also true that 42 percent are not human enough to live to birth. it is also true one cannot tell which will die and when. So the idea of when an abortion takes place on a zygote or embryo is moot when the fact that one cannot tell if it is human and capable of life is the controlling factor.

"Most abortions kill late embryos or early fetuses, and contraceptives that also act as early abortifacients prevent the embryo from implanting in the uterus when it is past the zygote phase of its existence."

I am open to any proof you have that would establish that any specific zef can be proved to be alive or human or capable of developing into a born baby. So if you have that proof, now would be a good time to present it. Otherwise your whole argument is moot.

eroteme said...

I am just going by what LB told me, she corrected me once.

She said that abortion = non-viable fetus/embryo, and that post-viability, it is a delivery, and if it is *possible* to deliver it alive, that is what will be done.

Obviously there are cases where it MUST be removed intact but dead, or worst case scenario, in pieces.

eroteme said...

I understand that, but what has apparently been happening is that children who are perfectly viable have been left to die

Citation needed from a non-biased news source.

Bert_1 said...

The problem here is that you are referring to the few instances where the child in question is in serious trouble. I forget the actual statistics now but, if I remember correctly, over 90% of all abortions are abortions of convenience. They are a form of birth control. The child has exhibited no problems and there are no fears for his/her future. S/He is just inconvenient.

lady_black said...

So no women who DO NOT want a baby ever have miscarriages, and no women who want babies ever end up having abortions? Only in your dreams, cupcake. And no, it matters not a particle.

lady_black said...

He's confused. That doesn't happen, EVER.

eroteme said...

Yes, unfortunately, there is such a thing as "post-birth abortion" and it is as disgusting as its name implies

No, there is not. Post birth abortion was just a thought experiment invented by philosophers because that's what philosophers do.

Keatsandshelley said...

No that is not what I said. The woman in the article WANTED her baby.

Russell Crawford said...

Actually they are generally different after meiosis.

lady_black said...

I would have gone to another doctor. That's reprehensible. Hasn't this doctor ever heard of a lithopedian?

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