Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The year's top stories

Without further ado, the most-read stories on our blog in 2014 were...

#10: Watch out for this disingenuous "pro-choice" tactic: The "pro-choice" movement no longer wants to be called that. Their next move? To ride on the coattails of genuine good causes by stealing the language of "economic security," a "safe and healthy environment" for children, and of course, "women's health."

#9: The feminist movement cannot afford to ignore pro-life concerns: Emma Watson seriously undermined her UN "HeForShe" speech by alluding to support for abortion without any mention of the damage caused by sex-selective abortions. Sadly, gender inequity begins in the womb.

#8: Abortion, Sex Positivity, and the Non-Aggression Principle: Guest blogger Kris Skul argues that pro-lifers need not take an abstinence-first approach.

Above: the greying abortionists
of "After Tiller"
#7: The Imago Dei, or "Why should secularists care about human life?": If you're new here, this article is an excellent introduction to what Secular Pro-Life is all about.

#6: 8 Things "After Tiller" Left Out: This biased documentary about late-term abortionists omitted its protagonists' unsavory histories.

#5: No, I am not interested in "punishing" women for having sex: This was published back in April. The conversation in the comments kept going strong through September.

#4: Debating abortion with other secularists: Highlights from the reactions to Kristine Kruzselnicki's pro-life piece on the Friendly Atheist blog.

#3: Confronting the Gruesome Reality of Abortion: This is why we fight.

#2: A letter from your president: I'm not linking to this because it was the announcement of last year's SPL schedule for the March for Life and Walk for Life West Coast. For our upcoming Roe anniversary plans (less than a month away!), click here.

And finally, the most-read post of the year,
with over 200,000 views, is...

#1: Child Support: Monica explains the contradiction in how our legal system treats women and men:
When arguing about abortion, I’ve seen a lot of people claim "sex isn’t a contract." Other variations of this idea include:
• Consent to A doesn't mean consent to B (that is, consent to sex doesn't mean consent to reproduction).
• You clearly don't consent to reproduce if you use birth control.
• Sex is not a crime and shouldn’t be punished / Rights cannot be restricted unless there is a crime.
The problem is, when it comes to reproduction, these arguments only apply to women.
If a man gets a woman pregnant--be it his wife, girlfriend, affair, or one night stand--he is legally bound to provide support for that child. In other words, because the man participated in the child’s conception (because the man had sex), his rights are altered. It doesn't matter if the man was only consenting to sex, and not to reproduction. It doesn't matter if he used birth control. It doesn’t matter that sex isn’t a crime. He fathered the kid, so the law considers him responsible for the kid. 
Thank you for your loyal readership, and we'll see you next year!

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