Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I am secular and #iSEETWO

Focus on the Family is one of the most prominent religious right organizations in the United States. It is highly evangelical and has little in common with Secular Pro-Life.

But I give credit where credit is due, and Focus on the Family has come up with a fantastic campaign: #iSEETWO. The concept is straightforward: "When some look at a pregnant woman, they see only one life; we see two."

Pro-choicers fail to recognize life in the womb. Pro-lifers who fail to acknowledge the woman make a similar error. #iSEETWO reaffirms our commitment to value both lives in a pregnancy.

The campaign website features perspectives from five women: physician Freda Bush (pictured above), attorney Anne O'Connor, civil rights activist Alveda King, journalist Maria Gallagher, and former abortion worker Susan Thayer. Interestingly, despite Focus on the Family's sponsorship, the women's stories are almost entirely secular (with the exception of Ms. Thayer's mention of "God's forgiveness and healing").

They're encouraging all pro-lifers to participate. It's easy:
1) Print out the sign.
2) Take your selfie.
3) Make your selfie your profile picture.
4) Upload it to the campaign's facebook page.

I'd love to see the pro-life movement's religious diversity on display in the #iSEETWO campaign. Here's my own submission.

I am secular and #iSEETWO
And by the way, if you're wondering if these social media campaigns do any good, Students for Life of America just reported their first baby save of the year; the mother reached out to a pro-life student for help because that student had been sharing pro-life graphics on facebook.

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