Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Volunteer opportunities for medical doctors, graphic designers

Secular Pro-Life is embarking on an exciting new educational campaign, which we expect will launch in the next two to three months. Since it's still in the pipeline, I can't tell you all the details on a public blog. I can tell you that I presented the project to the physicians, nurses, and medical students at last weekend's American Association of Pro-Life Ob/Gyns (AAPLOG) conference, and it was very well received.

In very general terms, the project involves the presentation of medical literature to the public along with personal stories; think of the Truth and Tips From Former Smokers public health campaigns against tobacco. We are looking for some special volunteers to put the final pieces of this project in place:

1) We need physicians to review our educational materials for accuracy and endorse the project. (The materials have already been prepared with the help of a wonderful pro-life medical student.) Your name will appear on the campaign website as a physician endorser. We already have some volunteers from the AAPLOG conference, but we don't want to limit ourselves; the more the merrier! All areas of practice are welcome.

2) We need graphic designers to push the campaign on social media. We will want a series of 10-15 designs, each sharing a message related to the campaign and/or pregnancy health generally. You should have access to appropriate design software. Secular Pro-Life can pay for fonts and stock images as appropriate.

If either of these volunteer opportunities sound like a good fit for you, please email with the subject line "Volunteer physician" or "Volunteer graphic designer," and include a short message about your pro-life values and your background (particularly your medical practice or design portfolio, respectively). We look forward to hearing from you.

If you're not a doctor or designer, please share this post with those who are!

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