Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Be smart about sidewalk counseling signs

Yesterday, LifeNews published an article entitled "Ambulance Rushes to Abortion Clinic that Killed Woman in Botched Abortion One Year Ago." The abortion business at issue is Preterm in Cleveland, OH, where 22-year-old Lakisha Wilson bled to death in March of 2014. In response, advocates for women and their unborn babies are once again calling for a state investigation into Preterm. But since Wilson's death wasn't enough to kick the bureaucracy into action, who knows if a second incident will have any effect.

Tragic. Outrageous. Unacceptable.

But, uh... can we talk about the signs in this picture taken at the scene?

Yikes. No offense, whoever is running things outside of Preterm, but it doesn't get a whole lot worse than this. The grammatical ambiguity in "Mommy let me live" drives me a little nuts. And just stating that there is an "abortion mill" is completely unhelpful... with or without the bloody font, but especially with. Goodness. I'm secular, and I'd pick a "Pray to end abortion" sign over this mess. Or even "All babies want to get borned."

Allow me offer some alternatives. Given that an abortion patient has died here, that's something you might want to mention! Or do what this clever sidewalk counselor did and invite women to educate themselves; everybody has a data plan nowadays:

Got a personal story? Tell it!
"You can stop and talk to me. I was a teen mom. I've been there."

And rather than just asking women to choose life, offer to be part of the journey:

Bonus points for prenatal development facts!

(Check out the list of ways you can support sidewalk counselors from

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