Friday, March 27, 2015

Indiana pro-life advocates need your help

I can't put it much better than this young woman does in her email to Secular Pro-Life:
My name is Clare McKinney and I am an undergraduate student at Saint Marys College in Notre Dame, IN. I am an active member in the University of Notre Dame's Right to Life Club. This has put me in contact with [the Life Center, a local PRC]. 
Every Wednesday myself and other students volunteer at the Life Center from 2-7. What I do specifically is work as a sidewalk counselor and talk to the women going into the abortion clinic next door and explain the life giving options that they have. Currently the Life Center has been able to account for 64 "saves" since its opening two years ago. 
Right now is a pivotal moment in our fight for life. The abortion clinic, called the Women's Care Center, has failed its health inspection for the fifth year in a row. The doctor is currently under review to have his license revoked and has two criminal suits pending against him. 
The local news station has been out to cover this story, but I want to get the word out there to more people about the dangers of the Women's Care Center. At this point the issue isn't even so much a pro-life/pro-choice issue, but an issue of women's safety. For years, Dr. Klopfer has been committing illegal acts and putting women in danger. It is time for this to end.
Here's more on Klopfer's scandals, via the Associated Press:
An October inspection cited 27 regulations the clinic did not meet, including proof of staff certification, clinic procedures and disposal of expired medication. The report also details clinic shortcomings, including that 15 out of 30 patient files showed patients were not monitored by qualified personnel other than the doctor while under conscious sedation during an abortion procedure.
And the criminal suits Clare mentions? They're for failure to promptly report statutory rape:
Klopfer faces criminal misdemeanor charges of failing to properly report abortions on 13-year-olds in Gary and South Bend. He is scheduled to appear March 26 before the Indiana Medical Licensing Board for a hearing pertaining to a state investigation on complaints filed against his practices. 
States have good reasons for requiring doctors to report statutory rape. Rapists who prey on underage girls are rarely one-time offenders, and getting them off the street is imperative. That should go without saying, but apparently it doesn't, because Klopfer himself characterizes it as just "paperwork."

Unfortunately, the case continues dragging along (Klopfer first appeared in court last summer), and in the meantime he continues to commit abortions. So a coalition of Indiana pro-lifers have put together a petition urging the Dr. Darren Covington, head of the state's medical licensing board, to revoke the medical licenses necessary for Klopfer's abortion center to operate.

Please sign the petition, regardless of whether or not you live in Indiana. And if you do live in Indiana, consider joining Clare on the sidewalk. Klopfer's potential abortion customers deserve to be fully informed about his legal troubles before making a decision.

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