Friday, March 20, 2015

Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day!

You sure are!
Tomorrow, March 21, is World Down Syndrome Day. We mark the occasion on March 21 (3/21) because Down Syndrome is caused by three copies of chromosome 21. And here are three ways to participate:

1) Wear some colorful socks! Down Syndrome International, which coordinates World Down Syndrome day, asks us to wear crazy socks; "something that people will ask you about so that you can tell them all about World Down Syndrome Day. It is easy to do, so whether you are at home, nursery, school, university, work, play, travel, holiday or anywhere, join in!" By wearing colorful socks, we acknowledge the people with Down Syndrome who "color our lives." Some people are also using the colors blue and yellow.

2) Share articles and graphics that celebrate people with Down Syndrome. There is no shortage of memes to choose from! People with Down Syndrome repeatedly shatter society's lame expectations. From taking on the catwalk at New York fashion week, to owning a restaurant, to starring in a Hollywood film, the possibilities are endless. Share those stories, or share some of the great photos from the International Down Syndrome Coalition's facebook page.

Parents who learn that their child has Down Syndrome are often overwhelmed by (natural) fears, which are amplified by the (unnatural) cultural emphasis on what people with disabilities cannot do rather than what they can do. As a result, it's reported that roughly 90% of children who are prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome become victims of late-term abortion. Pro-life organizations are working to pass legislation that prohibits this horrific discrimination. But in the meantime, we can make a difference simply by illuminating the truth and allowing the lives of people with Down Syndrome to speak for themselves.

3) Donate to a Down Syndrome charity. The National Down Syndrome Society has a five-star Charity Navigator rating. If you prefer to give locally, that's great too. Better yet, volunteer your time with the Special Olympics or Best Buddies.

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