Friday, April 17, 2015

Seeking MDs for one-time volunteer assignment

[Editor's note: portions of this article were published earlier.]

Secular Pro-Life is seeking pro-life licensed physicians to review medical literature for an upcoming educational campaign.

This campaign, which will launch in late May or early June, focuses on a long-term risk of induced abortion. I can't reveal all the details yet, but in very general terms, the campaign involves the presentation of medical literature to the public along with personal stories. It's similar to the Truth and Tips From Former Smokers public health campaigns against tobacco.

We need physicians to review our educational materials for accuracy and endorse the project. (The materials have already been prepared with the help of a wonderful pro-life medical student.) Your name will appear on the campaign website as a physician endorser.

All areas of practice are welcome. If you are willing to give an hour or two of your time, please email with the subject line "Volunteer Physician." Thank you!

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