Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Website Under Deconstruction: Robbinsdale Clinic

Today's post is part of our "Website Under Deconstruction" series exploring abortion center websites.

Robbinsdale Clinic is an abortion business in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis. Unlike many of the abortion businesses we have previously profiled, Robbinsdale refrains from outright lies, malpractice cover-ups, and misinformation. Robbinsdale solves the problem... by giving no medical information at all:

The link at the end takes you to the homepage of the National Abortion Federation, an abortion industry trade/lobby group. "Information on the actual abortion procedure" is several clicks away and not easily found.

But never mind information about abortion. Robbinsdale's website has flowers!

How about some pretty nature photos?

Let's throw in a random seagull. Everybody likes seagulls.

All fluff, no substance. I can't say I blame them; the substance is gruesome.

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