Friday, May 29, 2015

Countdown to launch...

If you follow Secular Pro-Life on facebook (and if you don't, why don't you?), you may have seen this earlier in the week:

June 1 is Monday, and we're so excited for this incredible project to finally be revealed!

Until then, here are a few hints we can share:

1) Many women who have abortions say that they are motivated by their love for future children who haven't been conceived yet. They believe that by aborting a child who is conceived at a bad time, they can create better circumstances for the later siblings they keep. Abortion advocates have picked up on this theme, even referring to abortion as a "parenting decision." This project will specifically speak to women who are considering abortion for this reason.

2) This project isn't just about abortion. It takes a broader approach, educating the public about a range of issues that can affect children's health throughout their lifetimes. This is a project that intellectually honest pro-choicers can support.

3) Secular Pro-Life has partnered with the Alice Paul Group to advertise this campaign on social media. APG created the graphic design above, and is creating many more. I've seen them, and I can tell you that these ads will appeal to people who aren't at all involved in the abortion debate. The only limit to who we can reach? Our budget.

Your help is needed. Please click here to donate. We greatly appreciate your support.

Want to wait until you've seen it for yourself on Monday? That's totally understandable—but please bookmark this page so you don't forget!

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