Monday, June 22, 2015

Prevent Preterm campaign update

About three weeks ago, we launched Prevent Preterm, an innovative online campaign educating the public about three known and preventable risk factors for premature birth: smoking, lack of prenatal care, and abortion. By connecting women with smoking cessation resources, affordable prenatal care, and abortion alternatives, we are saving the lives of babies both in and out of the womb.

Prevent Preterm is off to a fantastic start. Numerous pro-life organizations have promoted the project. More importantly, over 125,000 young women have seen our ads on facebook!

That is only possible because of the generosity of our donors. If you have already given to Secular Pro-Life, we cannot thank you enough!

Secular Pro-Life doesn't ask for money very often. That's because we don't have paid staff, or an office, or the other big overhead costs that most organizations do. We only ask for money when there's a big project that merits the request.

Prevent Preterm definitely merits the request.

It's a simple equation: the more money we have, the more ads we can buy. The link between abortion and premature birth does not get much press, because abortion politics get in the way. That means the only way people are going to learn about it is if we tell them.

So please, if you have the financial means to donate, please give to this life-saving cause. We greatly appreciate your support. Thank you!

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