Friday, June 26, 2015

The New Leviathan: Must-Read Report Explains Planned Parenthood's Strategy

Over the last few years, pro-lifers have celebrated dramatic declines in the U.S. abortion rate. Ever wonder how Planned Parenthood manages to stay afloat in such an environment?

Wonder no more. Americans United for Life has put together an incredibly thorough and well-documented report they're calling "The New Leviathan." It covers a huge amount of ground: how Planned Parenthood is running away from its less profitable contraception and cancer screening services; how it is siphoning abortion business from its competitors, allowing it to take a greater share of the market even as nationwide abortions plummet; how it is putting its proverbial eggs in the basket of "mega-centers" that commit abortions six or seven days our of the week instead of just one or two; how it is developing those mega-centers by deceiving local authorities; and how our tax dollars are the scaffolding for the whole twisted enterprise.

I hesitate to offer the highlights because you really should read the report itself. I can't do it justice. But these social-media-friendly infographics tell a lot of the story (click to enlarge):

Pro-life organizations, including us, have made similar points before. But Americans United for Life is to be commended for its comprehensive presentation. They hit this out of the park.

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