Monday, June 15, 2015

Website Under Deconstruction: Family Planning Associates of Chicago

First, watch this incredible video from the Pro-Life Action League. If you're hearing-impaired or can't turn on the volume, there are subtitles. No excuses. Watch:

A little background: although this location is known as Albany Medical-Surgical Center, the facility is part of the Family Planning Associates (FPA) abortion chain. And FPA Chicago is the subject of today's entry in our "Website Under Deconstruction" series, exposing lies, omissions, and threats to women's health on abortion business websites.

To answer the question posed in the video: no, patients are not being informed about the license revocation and fine. The site is replete with weasel-word commitments to "quality," but light on specifics, for obvious reasons.

FPA Chicago openly advertises the abortion pill regimen through 10 weeks of pregnancy, omitting the fact that it is only FDA-approved for the first 49 days of pregnancy. They're going an extra three weeks with no regard for patient safety. And just how does the abortion pill regimen work?

The Abortion Pill procedure involves the oral ingestion of mifepristone after ultrasound verification of a pregnancy ten weeks gestation or less. 24 to 36 hours later, misoprostol is inserted into the cheeks, held in place for 30 minutes, and then swallowed with water. In most cases, a miscarriage occurs within 24 hours.
If bleeding does not occur after 24 hours, the misoprostol insertion is repeated. Usually bleeding is like a spontaneous miscarriage and bleeding or spotting may occur for up to two weeks longer. And ultrasound will be used to verify the successful termination of the pregnancy.
For the millionth time, an abortion is not a miscarriage. On behalf of all the Secular Pro-Life members who have experienced actual miscarriages, here's a message to FPA Chicago from my favorite fictional Spaniard:

There's much more I could discuss about the FPA Chicago website—like the complete omission of any information about fetal development, referring to even second-trimester babies as just "the pregnancy"—but you get the point. This place is seriously skeevy. The only silver lining here is that sidewalk counselors are there to give the vital information that the abortion center and escorts are deliberately concealing.

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