Monday, July 6, 2015

Abortion as Problem-Solving through Might Makes Right

The one person who can't fight back.
[Today's guest post by Acyutananda is part of our paid blogging program.]

Let’s look at abortion in terms of problem-solving. What is the problem? Unwanted pregnancies. (Unwanted by someone – the pregnant woman often, but not always, being one of those persons.)

Next we have to ask, what makes an unwanted pregnancy a problem? Naturally the reasons vary, but let us look at the most common themes identified by researchers: most often the child is seen as unaffordable, an impediment to educational goals, or an impediment to career goals.

Abortion is not the sole solution to these problems, or necessarily to other problems. Thousands of pregnancy centers around the country work with women to brainstorm alternatives tailored to her situation, from training for a better job, to exploring online education, to placing the child for adoption, to legal action for child support, and a million other options. In fact, in the United States, there are more pro-life pregnancy help centers working to fashion these solutions than there are abortion businesses!

Why is abortion so often the chosen solution? What stands out is this: of all the range of solutions to all the problems, abortion has one completely irresistible appeal – it solves all the problems at the expense of the only person involved who has no friends and is guaranteed not to fight back, scream, or complain to Amnesty International (which would sell them out if they did).

Essentially, abortion on demand is the most perfect example that has ever been seen of might makes right. It socially institutionalizes a philosophy of take-advantage-of-the-smallest, when perhaps the first justification for society’s having institutions at all is to protect against violence those who need protecting.

I don’t mean to say that aborting parents are sadistic bullies. There is perhaps no class of people in the world as desperate and scared as many pregnant women, and no class as resourceless except their unborn babies themselves. All involved may be victims of the situation. But no matter how justified the parents are, they and the abortionist always take advantage of the baby’s helplessness. It is only the weakness and voicelessness and vulnerability of those little children that allows abortion to be business as usual in our society.

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