Friday, September 11, 2015

Heartbreaking letters from loved ones of abortion workers

And Then There Were None, the organization led by former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson that helps people leave the abortion industry, is conducting a "Love Letter" campaign for people to send messages to abortion workers. Some of the submissions are generic (and unfortunately, heavily religious) messages that could have come from anyone.

But others appear to be entreaties to specific abortion workers from their family members and friends. And they are extremely painful to read.

I cannot imagine the pain of nurturing a child, only to watch that child grow up to destroy other children for profit:
I have so much to say to you, my precious child. I’ve loved you since before you were born...
Your dad and I sacrificed so much for you to become a doctor. We were so proud when you graduated from medical school and finished your residency in Chicago. Then our hearts were broken and our spirits were slashed by your choice to perform abortions. We cry everyday, I don’t think we will ever feel a greater pain than on that day we learned of your decision to be an abortionist. Your dad and I are broken people because of your decision. Your desire to do exactly what you want has had deep ramifications on all of us who love you so much. Your family has been so deeply hurt...
Please stop performing these abortions, and return to us, your mom and dad, who ache to see you and hold you close again. You don’t need to explain or apologize to us. Just stop and you will be received with open hearts and open arms waiting to hold you. We will never hold this against you...
Then there's this letter, simply entitled "From a friend":
When I think of you I see someone sweet, vivacious, positive, idealistic…I remember when your ideals took you to Haiti. I am sure that now, just like then, you want to help people and that is what you believe. I shudder to think of the things you may see or be expected to do; I worry about the high cost this will exact on you. It would be a tragedy for you to become like someone who discusses crushing little bodies over lunch. Please, please run before you get caught up any deeper in this...
Another person writes:
You are so loved. In fact, you are an easy person to love! You have such a giving, tender heart. You are thoughtful, compassionate, kind and generous. And these characteristics do not slowly uncover themselves after people get to know you. They are apparent the minute one meets you. People are drawn to you and feel comfortable with you because of that very special quality you have. It is a gift, and one you give to others everyday, even if you are not aware of it. 
You have also been given the gift of a keen intellect. You should be very proud of your achievements from a prestigious East Coast institution. 
It must have felt very flattering and gratifying to receive an offer upon graduation at Planned Parenthood. It promised a good salary. The location was perfect. No crazy, swing shift hours. The job offered stability. Planned Parenthood is quite good at creating camaraderie amongst its workers. They claim advocacy for women and that appeals to your giving, helpful personality. But you should leave Planned Parenthood. 
Your gifts and talents are being abused...
Emotions may be shut down and closed behind a locked door, but they are there and will eventually refuse to stay behind locked doors. That is the way humans work. We can compartmentalize our lives for so long before the feelings leak out in sometimes-poisonous ways. Planned Parenthood may deny this, but it is the truth...
So many people love and admire you. It is out of love that this letter is being written.
You have made no commitments to Planned Parenthood.  No vows have been taken! It is not a religion where allegiances have been made. You are a nurse, and have so many, many gifts to give our world. You deserve to be in a setting where life is protected. You deserve to be in a setting where your nursing skills are used to save lives. You deserve to be in a setting that is not fraught with controversy, and ugly truths that go with abortions. 
You deserve the best! Please take the leap of faith (and I know it is a BIG one!) and leave Planned Parenthood... 
Will any abortion workers read the letters intended for them? I doubt it. Obviously, to convert from an abortion worker to a pro-lifer is not unheard of. But it does require overcoming pride, group think, confirmation bias, and a host of other psychological barriers.

In my opinion, the best audience for these letters is medical students. Reach them early, before the abortion lobby recruits them with the shiny propaganda of "heroes helping women." Let them see the toll that this so-called heroism takes on family and friends. Let them see that there is a better way.

If you know someone in the abortion industry, you can send a love letter here. (Content is reviewed before posting, so if you're going to advocate for abortionists to keep killing, don't waste your time.)

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