Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Common ground in the abortion debate

Last week, we asked Secular Pro-Life fans on facebook: "Where do you think pro-lifers and pro-choicers are most likely to have common ground?" Here are some of the top responses. You can read everything the SPL facebookers had to say here.

Carmen J. - It's not really choice if there are no other choices. I would hope that all pro-choicers agree that coerced abortion should never, ever happen. Along those lines, many but not all pro-lifers would agree with many (most? but still probably not all) pro-choicers that changes need to be made to the fabric of our culture such that no woman feels pressured by circumstances to abort. Every mother who wants to keep her baby should be able to; no mother should feel she has no other option but to terminate the pregnancy for reasons having to do with money, maternity leave, flexibility of work schedules/circumstances, and/or quality childcare.

Nadja W. - Polls suggest a large majority of Americans support banning abortion in the third trimester, so I'd start there.

Brock H. - Compassion is the common ground. I think that generally speaking, pro-choicers and pro-lifers have compassion for mothers in difficult situations. Also (while they may not admit it often), pro-choice people tend to see that there is something precious and valuable within the womb or else they wouldn't talk about what a hard decision abortion is for an expecting mother (why would it be a hard decision if they weren't letting go of something worth holding on to?). The only real difference is that pro-life people see a child in the womb as a life deserving of protection.

Bob M. - I think most people agree that it is wrong to kill a person. They disagree on when the person begins.

Autumn A. - I agree with many pro choicers/liberals on a lot of things... Like marijuana policy, gay marriage, etc etc. Just not abortion.

Crystal K. - We both really like chocolate? In all seriousness, we *should* both be against forced abortions (like in China) or supporting the mother if she changes her mind (like with Abortion Pill Reversal), if the pro-choicer is truly pro-CHOICE.

Lauren M. - My pro-choice friend is a fellow disability rights activist and feminist and she was appalled when I told her how many nations legalized sex-selective abortion and abortion based on a child's disability.

Kate H. - Caring about post abortive women, and women in general.

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