Monday, December 28, 2015

The Top Ten Articles of 2015

Our most-read posts of 2015 are:

10. Woman blinds herself with doctor's help. Her body, her choice? This was our take on the disturbing story of a woman who desperately wanted to become blind, and allegedly convinced a psychologist to sign on.
The thought of someone having drain cleaner poured into their eyes certainly sets off the cringe reflex, of course. It's painful and gross. But if you really believe that bodily integrity is a value so important that it justifies abortion, there is no logical reason to find the psychologist's actions here morally repugnant. If anything, you should be encouraging the development of less painful blinding procedures. That Ms. Shuping had to take the "back-alley" drain cleaner route is a travesty. Somebody call NARAL.
9. Why did you convert to the pro-life side? We posed this question on facebook and dozens of you responded, citing prenatal development education, the effects of abortion, relationships with pro-lifers, and your own pregnancies.

8. I am equal, not the same. Guest blogger Sean Cahill fights back against "the idea that women are inherently flawed because they get pregnant and men don’t. To say we need abortion to be equal is in fact undeniable proof that we are far from equal. We cannot accept that to remain equal to men, we 'need' to rid our bodies of new human beings. We are not liberated until both sexes are fully accepted as they are."

7. Donald Trump is a Disaster Waiting to Happen for the Pro-Life Cause. This one's self-explanatory. It broke the top ten despite the fact that it was only published a couple weeks ago. Obviously the topic inspired passion.

6. What Amnesty International Isn't Telling You About Its Paraguayan Abortion Campaign. For political reasons, Amnesty was desperately trying to put a 10-year-old rape survivor through a late-term abortion that would have been more medically invasive than birth. (Thankfully, Amnesty did not succeed. In the end, her doctors were able to save both her and her baby.)

5. Be smart about sidewalk counseling signs. Dos and don'ts.

4. Abortion is a symptom, not a solution. Sean strikes again with her pro-life feminist take on the reasons women have abortions.

3. How I left the pro-choice movement and found true liberation. One woman's moving story.
I had my own abortions, for varying reasons. If I said I didn’t regret them, I would be lying, but liberated women aren’t allowed to feel regret over a clump of cells that would ruin their lifestyle. We couldn’t show other women our tears, because then they might not be able to kill their clump of cells, and then their lifestyle would be ruined.
2. BREAKING: Planned Parenthood uses partial-birth abortions to harvest fetal organs for sale. This was the very first video from the Center for Medical Progress back in July. The "for sale" aspect wound up getting the bulk of the media attention, but I found PP's unambiguous admission that it was using a "breech" method to avoid damage to the organs to be much more disconcerting.

And our most-read article by a landslide...

1. Dear Bill Nye: Where's the Science, Guy? Taking down Bill's pseudoscientific ramblings in support of abortion.
Science can’t tell us what to value in human beings or when we should protect one another. Those questions fall within the realm of philosophy, a realm Nye steps squarely into when he implies a value judgement based on how easily organisms can naturally die. His implication isn’t a scientific fact, it’s a philosophical position, and Nye’s famous nickname doesn’t give him the right to conflate those two completely different approaches. It’s especially loathsome that this hand-wavy philosophical viewpoint is trying to be passed off as “science” by one of our country’s biggest science advocates. That’s not okay no matter how quirky his bowtie is.

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