Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Top Ten Graphics of 2015

Our most liked and shared graphics of 2015 are:

10. Bill Nye vs. Inigo Montoya

For more on Bill Nye's questionable understanding (to put it charitably), check out our most-read blog post of 2015

9. Adoptees respond to #ShoutYourAbortion with uplifting tweets

8. Parents chime in with more shouts against abortion

7. We choose the red pill

6. Now this looks like a job for me...

5. It's like raaaaiiiiin on your wedding day...

4. Planned Parenthood gets owned

3. Just a bunch of food for thought
This is the only graphic in our top 10 that we didn't create ourselves. We stumbled upon it and loved it too much not to share. If you know the origin of this meme, please let us know so we can give credit where due!

2. Pro-choice problems
And our top graphic of the year, drum roll please...

1. Internal contradictions

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