Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tomorrow: Webcast on abortion pill reversal protocol

Tomorrow at noon Eastern time, Dr. George Delgado will present to medical students at Stony Brook University in New York on the abortion pill reversal protocol. His talk will be live-streamed at this link.

The so-called "abortion pill" is really two drugs, taken several days apart. The first part suppresses progesterone, a critical hormone to maintain pregnancy.* The lack of progesterone kills the embryo, but not instantaneously. That makes it possible to "reverse" the process if a doctor acts quickly to restore a higher level of progesterone. That's the reversal protocol in a nutshell.

Although the medical community is obviously Dr. Delgado's primary audience, Medical Students for Life is also promoting this event to the public at large. That's because the public has an important role to play in spreading awareness of the protocol.

The abortion pill reversal protocol isn't a fancy new pharmaceutical product that lends itself to a major advertising campaign. Rather, it is a new application of long-used hormone therapies. As points out, "the type of progesterone used for treatment is the same as the progesterone made in a woman’s body."

Word of mouth is key. The longer a woman waits, the less likely the protocol is to succeed. It's on us to make sure every abortion-minded woman knows about this option from the get-go. So tune in and learn more tomorrow at noon!

* The second part of the chemical abortion process expels the dead embryo from the uterus.

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